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December 12, 2018

Early Career/Professional: “Time to ‘Pop the Cork’ on a New Position?”- December 12, 2018

According to a Spherion Staffing survey of recent vintage, more than 60 percent of American workers made it their #1 New Year’s resolution.

The number that kept it?

Not exactly an encouraging figure.

Yet, if you’re among those who are thinking about advancing in a current career or starting a new one, we’ve got good reason for you to be optimistic in 2019: a custom-written, professionally formatted resume, infused with applicant tracking system (ATS-busting keywords) and made-to-sparkle with a hand-crafted cover letter, bubbling over with the perfect mix of performance-driven content in practical, real-world context.

A veritable toast to what makes you valuable to employers.

Well, as long as procrastination doesn’t get the best of you.

Not-so-surprisingly, rank-and-file employees of every stripe, and even their senior-level counterparts, have often learned, albeit regrettably, that the best way up the pay scale is to look for a way out. In many cases, the writing has been on the wall for quite some time. In others, it’s much more preferable to begin the job search while still employed—before a lay-off or dismissal becomes a liability, one that can subtract five years of earning experience from your pay scale—as suggested by a recent statistic from TalentWorks.

Other motivating factors include, but certainly aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Employee review processes that seek to find fault rather than reward;
  • The “papa-bear” mindset of some business owners, in which, employees are seen as extended family members all looking for increases in their “allowance,” i.e., salary;
  • Confrontational workplaces that abide by the “if don’t like it, there’s the door” mentality;
  • Organizations that consistently “move the goalposts” in terms of defining achievement;
  • Companies that frown upon the use of vacation or personal time off at employees’ discretion;
  • Leadership structures that provide rapid paths to advancement for some positions while leaving others on that slow boat to nowhere;
  • And, the tendency to push for additional training or continuing education as an “outside-of-work assignment” without compensation.

In any event, regardless of what makes you decide that’s it’s time to move on, it still takes initiative and strategic planning to make the right move. At Resume Professors, we can help you craft a new you that’s better on paper and in practice—all without half-baked promises of weight loss or exotic travel itineraries.

Finally, a New Year’s resolution that’s a cinch to keep.

That is, once you make it.

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