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June 7, 2021

Emotional Intelligence: Putting ‘Two and Two’ Together with Resume Professors – June 7, 2021

The way you think, the way you solve problems.

Perhaps the most important skill anyone brings to the table, but often the one that gets the least attention in resume form. That stands to reason. Even before the pandemic, there was a longstanding trend to focus on statistical achievements, ala, “Led development and implementation of a new online sales platform that saved $12,000 in hard costs, while increasing year-to-date profitability by 20%.”

Certainly metrics like those are an important thing.

That said, they are far from being the only thing.

For starters, read out of context in resume form, number-driven achievements don’t add up to much. They don’t reveal the thought-process that went into creating them, which really is of paramount interest to recruiters and hiring managers. Most want to see examples of how you identified a problem; then, took steps to solve it. In that regard, the resume can become an instrument of “emotional intelligence” in itself.

Thinking it through with a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)

Disciplined self-analysis is the critical first step in the resume writing process. Yet, few have the discipline to look at themselves with the critical distance necessary to honestly assess their strengths, weaknesses, and relevant achievements. At Resume Professors, our CPRWs are committed to helping clients tell their story from a fresh perspective. One that’s informational, but also illustrative of the intangibles. Here’s a few reasons why that’s pretty smart:

  • Our work is all about your work. We’ve got skin in the game, too. The resumes we write make a statement about the level of quality we expect and demand of ourselves. Unlike some competitors, just getting it done doesn’t get it done. Founder Edward McGoldrick conducts every initial phone consultation himself, talks each customer through the proprietary questionnaire to follow, and handles all revisions personally.

  • Write. Revise. Repeat as directed. Routinely, producing a first draft takes 5-8 hours of transcribing the past, translating the present, and projecting the future. The fonts and formats we use are compliant with all of today’s most popular applicant tracking systems (ATS). We know because we’ve invested in our own ATS! Even better, there’s no limit on rewrites. We’re only done when the client is 100% delighted.

  • The best investment you can make is in yourself. Just as every successful organization reinvests in itself to thrive and survive over time, the same holds true for every business professional. It starts by taking stock of what you’ve done, keeping the good stuff and tossing the old. Parting with a glorious accomplishment from the ‘90s isn’t always easy, but it’s always necessary. The best brands rely on a bright future, not a proud past.

  • Think of yourself as a “business of one.” And, your resume as a marketing tool. Ideally, your resume should position yourself as the solution to the pain points listed in the job posting. Rather than just describe what you did, talk about why you did it. Here’s a twist on the first example:

    “Listened, learned, and took proactive action just prior to the pandemic shutdown, shifting to a remote work, online process saving $12,000 in office rentals, while creating new revenue streams of 20% by year end.”

If you want to come across your best in person, you’ve got to come across your best on paper. Although the right keywords are essential in getting past the electronic gatekeeper (the ATS); ultimately, getting your foot in the door from there takes a combination of personality and proof of emotional intelligence.

We’ll help you put the “two and two” together.

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