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July 25, 2018

Resume Writing: “Find Out What Makes You Stand Out” – July 25, 2018

Be Yourself, Only Better with a Professionally Written Resume

Perhaps no other document is treated as harshly as the resume. Often routinely set aside to gather dust by the dozens. Or, even worse, crumpled up and tossed away in a hit-and-miss pile near the corner waste basket. And that merely describes the kind of treatment resumes typically get from the preparer side of the desk!

The only thing more disrespectful? Having your meticulously prepared resume largely ignored on the receiving end. That is, if it’s not dispatched to the virtual trash first.

Employers can be pretty harsh in their own right.

The truth is few professionals at any level can look at themselves and do justice to what they bring to the table in written form.  More importantly, fewer still have the inside knowledge it takes to phrase their skills and achievements on paper in a way that makes an online submission stick.

How the Crème Rises to the Top of the ATS

Naturally, there are many reasons why certain resumes outperform others in the queue. Foremost among them is the fact that 95% of today’s Fortune 500 companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to determine which ones—out of potentially thousands—actually get read by a live person.

By definition, an ATS screens online submissions for keywords pertinent to the position being sought; then, ranks each entry up or down the list depending on the number of relevant matches.

At Resume Professors, we specialize in developing carefully crafted, keyword-rich resumes that incorporate those terms that increase the probability of landing interviews. More importantly, unlike other resume writing providers, we pre-screen every resume through our own ATS as a means to simulate the same protocols and algorithms likely to be used by target employers.   

As a result, we’re able to independently verify that a resume prepared by us will increase your chances of being selected for an interview; and ultimately, the position you really want.

All Our Best Goes Into What You Do Best

If the moment has come to start a new career or advance in a current one, the best investment you can make is in a professionally written resume from Resume Professors. Through experience, we’ve mastered ways to maximize proprietary style and formatting advantages on your behalf.

Even better, every resume we produce starts literally from scratch—taking approximately 5-10 hours of preparation to emerge in first draft form alone!

In general, revisions are unlimited until each customer is completely satisfied (usually one or two rounds suffices). From there, the process has been known to help job seekers clarify their mindset and improve their confidence in preparation for the interview. 

It may not guarantee that you’ll get your dream job on the first shot, but it will put you on … Your First Step to Your Next Step.

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