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July 5, 2018

Professional: “Let Your Story Do the Talking On LinkedIn” – July 5, 2018

What’s your story?

That thing, or more likely, those things that define who you are, what you do, and how you think. In this regard, it’s less about keywords and more about key experiences. After all, few career pictures are perfect from start to finish. So, resist the temptation to dull every sharp edge. Better to honestly address how you overcame a setback than being overly averse to the admission you ever had one.

The tension makes for more interesting reading and greater retention. The good, bad, and sometimes ugly, in your job history is all part of what makes you unique. But it’s also what makes you belong. If you really want to get the attention of recruiters, tell them something they don’t already know: a compelling story about why you believe you’re an ideal candidate goes a long way.

Don’t be your own antagonist

Image isn’t everything, but it is the starting point. To get the part you want, it only stands to reason you’ve got to look the part. At the front end, pick a profile picture that’s appropriate for the position; and at the back end, remember to set your skills listing. Both functions are easily customized, but often underused. Partially filled out profiles send a message as surely as one that’s fully complete.

Be the hero of your own story

Most employers are no different than employees in the sense that they bring their own narrative to the table. Read any job description carefully and, chances are, you’ll find they practically give the plot away. Your task is to position yourself as the resolution to the drama in progress. Seek to be helpful in the content you present on LinkedIn and you will increase your chances of being sought after.

One approach is to write your own thought-leadership blog posts and publish them as articles on the platform.  In doing so, you’ll generate greater visibility for yourself while enhancing your value as an informational resource across your network of contacts. Also, remain active by commenting on posts from others, sharing articles of professional interest, and updating your profile on a timely basis.

Avoid ending on a cliffhanger

Without fail, you should lay out specifically what you want the reader to do. Generally that means extending the invitation to engage beyond the platform. At Resume Professors, we’ve found personal messages really can make a professional difference in beginning the conversation. So, take care to compose well-crafted text that makes an emotional connection.

Mistakes are a natural part of any effort to learn and grow. So, don’t fear them. Embrace the challenge and you will emerge triumphant.

Just like any hero.

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