Words to the Wise

November 4, 2022

● Magic Bullets: Targeting the “Must Haves” in Every Resume – November 7, 2022

Start from the assumption a machine is going to be the first to read; well, scan your resume.

Takes just a millisecond.

That machine, an applicant tracking system (ATS), looks only for keywords—the magic bullets—that mirror the job description. If it finds enough that hit the target, it may send it on to a hiring manager or talent screener for further review.

Or, not.

Submissions can be filtered out for any reason. Some perfectly legal, others less so.

If it does go through, know that the first person to read it; well—scan it—is looking to match-up specific “must haves” with what you have.

Takes just a little longer than a millisecond.

Not much, though. Most screeners make a decision just a few lines in. Either your qualifications check the boxes or they don’t.

The resume that nails it DOES THE JOB OF THE RECRUITER for them!

That’s the one that leaves nothing to interpretation or to guesswork. The kind that spells out in precise detail all the ways in which your skillset matches the responsibilities listed for the role. If prepared thoughtfully and thoroughly enough, a well-written resumve actually leaves little work to be done on the part of the recruiter at all—apart from—greenlighting your submission on to the scheduling department for the first interview.

That takes a lot longer, representing a real investment in time and effort.

And, for best results, the purchase of Professional Level-Essential Resume Rewrite package from Resume Professors (RP).

Some redundancy is necessary to drive each point home, which is something that bears repeating. But that’s nothing to be concerned about in practice.

Remember that the actual person reviewing your submission wants to complete his or her task as quickly as possible. Even more importantly, just like the ATS, they are only looking for what they are looking for. And practically none will read-between-the-lines or do extra work to connect the dots on your behalf.

RP stacks the deck in your favor, GUARANTEED!

Getting it right, line-by-line, with every entry corresponding directly to what’s listed in the “about the job” section isn’t easy. But what’s actually much harder is spending any amount of time at all submitting a resume that disappears straight into a black hole.

There’s no magic to that.

Only a vanishing act.


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