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September 26, 2022

Resume Preparation that Meets the Moment – September 26, 2022

Being swamped on the job is something just about everyone can relate to. Short deadlines, long hours, cramped cubicles, distractions, detached bosses, feverishly getting it all done just … barely … in time.

Overworked and underpaid.

Practically an American workplace tradition.

The pandemic brought it all home, literally. But for all its benefits, remote work hasn’t been a panacea for the many ills of the corporate world. Employee burnout is thought to be at an all-time high. Quiet quitting is now a thing.

Expressing Ideas, Elevating Ideals

For many, the Great Resignation has turned into the Great Regret. Picking up gig work to make ends meet is one thing, but when it falls short is quite another. The economic vulnerability, lack of healthcare coverage, and inability to build-up any measurable savings are untenable problems over the long-term.

If a return to the office is on your mind, it doesn’t have to mean accepting the same kind of spirit-crushing conditions that caused you to walk away.

The starting point is taking your first step to your next one in resume form.

Envision Your Best, We’ll Do the Rest

From a structural perspective, a resume remains a snapshot of what you’ve done, where you’ve worked, and when. Yet, it can be much more than that, especially when prepared in partnership with a certified professional resume writer (CPRW).

At Resume Professors, we can help you turn your reverse chronological listing into a forward-thinking document that encompasses not only the value you bring to a workplace; but also, defines your expectations of what you hope to receive in return.

  • Step One— RP Questionnaire. On the front end, each candidate is asked to complete a bit of homework. In addition to providing a past resume example or just a list of the rough basics, the RP questionnaire helps us identify the specific job target, the keywords that belong to it, and the supporting information that best makes the case.

  • Step Two— Initial Strategy Session. Founder Edward McGoldrick handles the initial strategy session with each client himself. As a result of this “give-and-take,” many tell us that they come up with reflections on their best work they could have never discovered on their own. The process can be emotional, revealing, even cathartic. But most importantly, it can be the foundation for the best resumes in the business.

  • Step Three—First Draft. Based on the provided reference material above, one of our CPRWs goes to work on it, producing a first draft for feedback in just 2-3 days (faster if RUSH service is requested). Even better, if a cover letter is part of the package, we’ll deliver that piece simultaneously. Never a retread of the same content from the resume, an RP cover letter is custom-written specifically for any given job posting.

  • Step Four—Final Delivery. Whether a revision is a “one-and-done” or requires additional steps back-and-forth, we’re in it until every client is delighted. More often than not—same day of final delivery.

No doubt the work required to re-enter the workforce can seem overwhelming.

RP can help you meet the moment.

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