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December 28, 2020

Tackling ’21 with New Resolve and a New Resume – December 28, 2020

“Developing your personal brand is the same thing as living and breathing your resume.” -Gary Vaynerchuk

Greet them with greatness. The renowned author of Crush It: Why NOW is the Time to Cash-In on Your Passion, was certainly on to something when he wrote those words a little more than ten years ago. Although it’s a bit coincidental, we know where Gary’s coming from with that thought. Mainly because we’ve been living and working it since our own founding around that same time period.

And yet, considering everything that’s happened with COVID-19 in just the last 10 months alone, the fundamentals remain. In Vaynerchuk’s words, the only controllable thing is your work ethic. In good times or bad, it’s what we do that makes us who we are. Perhaps that’s why—now more than ever—that our resolve is up to the task. Here are three ways Resume Professors (RP) can help you give-it-a-go:

  1. Talking it through. There’s no way around the fact that Coronavirus has impacted just about every profession on the planet, mostly negatively. Just before it hit, we were writing about historically low unemployment numbers and strategies for moving up the wage scale. During these troubled times, how we’re feeling really feeds into what we do next.

    So, we take care to help each client work through the frustrations and anxiety from the initial input call straight-through to the final draft. As a recent article on Inc.om pointed out, the effort to talk-through our “feelings” opens up “richer conversations rooted in the present moment,” providing greater insights into defining what makes you great; in turn, empowering us to better convey those qualities in resume form.

  2. Lighting a fire. An RP resume not only provides keyword-optimized benefits (we run each submission through our own proprietary applicant tracking system); it also reinforces a greater sense of purpose and passion at the same time. This can be really powerful stuff—as it goes beyond accomplishments, to provide a framework for the future—a blueprint of sorts that builds enthusiasm and optimism for the job search.

    A thoughtful, in-depth, one-to-one conversation about how to start from square one is the first step. Ed McGoldrick, our founder, walks each client through the process. The goal being to get people thinking about what charges them up and focus them toward that destination. In so doing, we act as a sounding board for ideas, sifting through the slurry to bring the uncut gems to the surface.

  3. Be the hero. Your resume is the story of “who you are and what you do.” And RP can help you tell it in ways that bring the two together, making you the hero in your own professional journey from point A to point B. Paraphrasing some of Vaynerchuk’s thoughts on the subject, we can be your partner in crafting a story that’s simple, memorable, inviting to look at, and even fun to read!

    Resume and cover letter rewrites are unlimited until our clients are 100 percent delighted with the final product. Usually, in just three-to-five days from first call to final draft. From our perspective, “it’s never what you gotta do, but what you getta do.” We live and we breathe it.

For many, the pressure of finding and keeping a job has become unsettling and decidedly unfamiliar. Gary’s thoughts on playing the long game, and exhibiting the qualities of hard work and patience, are right on the money, but so is the honestly to know when to call for critical distance. The resume, as professionally written and prepared by Resume Professors, can help you get where you want to go.

We’ve got a feeling ’21 is going to be a good year.

Give us the chance to make it great!

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