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September 21, 2020

The First Step to Plan B in the Pandemic? Create Plan B … – September 21, 2020

That the Coronavirus outbreak caught most of us more unprepared than we’d like is hardly an understatement across the country. Roughly six months since everything came to a head, the job market looks no less rough. Yet, there are small signs for optimism. Of course, that depends largely on whether or not you’re prepared to answer when opportunity knocks. Or, if you’re ready to get down to business in preparation to get back to work.

Thankfully, Resume Professors has Plan B down to a science.

  1. An exclusive, in-house automatic tracking system (ATS). Despite the impact of COVID-19 on hiring, the hiring process remains virtually unchanged. That means any submission has to make it past the standard ATS before it reaches the desk of a real person. Approximately 95% of today’s Fortune 500 companies use them to screen candidates to determine which resumes—out of potentially thousands—actually get read.

    That’s where Resume Professors stacks the deck in your favor. We run every resume we write through our own ATS, identifying those search engine optimized (SEO) keywords that push your resume to the head of the pack.

  2. A one-of-a-kind “one-on-one” initial strategy call. When you work with Resume Professors, you get the actual Resume Professor—our founder, Edward McGoldrick—on the other end of the line. Over the years, Ed’s awesome resume writing has earned him widespread industry recognition in publications such as The Ladders, Career Rocketeer, and Workbloom, but his passion remains helping people reach their career goals through the written word.

    So, he goes “all-in” upfront, collaborating with each client directly to gain the proper understanding of every strength, weakness, setback, and job target on the table. That said, he helps you set the table for success.

  3. A questionnaire to get your best on paper and in practice. Working from a current resume or a few lines from a LinkedIn profile is part of the process, but getting a more complete picture requires digging a little deeper by way of our proprietary questionnaire. Based on that information, we’re able to convey your unique tone-of-voice, as well as get a more accurate read on your passions and what best drives your economic engine.

    Clients tell us they learn a lot about themselves, and even get a sense of how to take their own elevator pitch to the next level. One of the upsides is a renewed sense of confidence at the interview stage.

  4. About a “4-5 day” turnaround from first consultation to first draft. Automation plays a big part in sifting through resumes at the HR level, but it’s a non-starter at the preparation stage. Whether reworking a current resume or building one from scratch, there’s no substitute for head’s down, no distractions allowed, mindful attention to detail. The form may be similar, but the function is always standalone.

    In general, our certified professional resume writers (CPRWs) take between 6-8 hours to prepare a first draft for review. More importantly, revisions are unlimited. We’re not done until you’re delighted, guaranteed!

  5. Extras, extras—read all about them! Resume Professors also excels at composing first-person cover letters, “thank you” letters, LinkedIn profiles, short- and long-form bios, and more. Depending on the package you choose, we’ve got the “aptitude” for it. Even better, you’ll receive ATS-friendly final documents in both Word and PDF versions—24-hour RUSH service is also available.

    We’re so confident that our resume writing services will deliver the results you want, we stand behind them 100%. If you’re unhappy with your resume for any reason, we’ll rewrite it for free. We’re not done until you’re absolutely delighted!

You’re going to love the way your resume looks, we guarantee it.

Plan B starts here.

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