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January 2, 2020

Time and Attention: 2 New Resume Resolutions for 2020 — January 2, 2020

If you count yourself among those who intend to look for a new position in the New Year, you’ve got plenty of company; in fact, typically half of the U.S. workforce will make the same resolution. Yet, only a fraction of that overall number will invest the time and attention necessary to craft a “door-opening” resume worthy of the talents they bring to the table.

First up, time.

That took a second. Add another five of them and you’ve got about as many as the typical recruiter spends on a resume before moving on to the next.


Have you captured it? If so, does your resume hold it?

Falling short on either score puts your submission in virtual limbo. Making matters worse, there’s no easy way out of the box that doesn’t take—you guessed it—time and attention. Neither of which is usually in sufficient supply to take accurate stock of where you stand. Even for those job seekers who are able to set aside the hours, there’s the question of knowing how best to use them.

As famed English language scholar Henry Louis Mencken once said, “For every complex problem there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong.” 

By contrast, most experts agree it takes a minimum of six-to-eight hours to properly research and write a resume—the caveat being that all the pertinent information is in hand—and in the hands of a professional. If you’re starting from scratch, and working on your own without assistance or previous experience, the process can evolve over the course of days, even weeks, and still leave the final product wanting, not to mention, its author drained.

Besides, who’s got that kind of time?

Or, attention?

Let no “keywords” be forgotten.

At Resume Professors, we use our own automatic tracking system (ATS) to optimize the keywords most relevant to your job target. This isn’t some plug-in after the fact; it’s proprietary technology that sets us apart. As such, we’re able to replicate the same algorithms and protocols used by 95% of today’s Fortune 500 companies to quantify the value of one submission over another—well in advance of the moment any resume meets real eyeballs for the first time.

It’s an exclusive advantage that comes “built-in” to what we do.

Pop the cork on a new search.

Our certified resume writing professionals devote their full time and undivided attention to putting the work, achievements, and abilities of every client in the best possible light. Research suggests that recruiters spend 80 percent of the six-or-so seconds they spend on a resume looking at six things: name, current title/company, previous title/company, start-and-end dates, and education.

That study linked above also confirmed that professionally rewritten resumes score 60 percent higher with recruiters and were thought to be 40 percent better organized and readable than those put together by the applicants themselves.  

There is no quick fix to getting those details right.

Not when it comes to keeping those resolutions.

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