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June 4, 2020

“Working After Retirement: How to Find the Right Job for You” – June 4, 2020

By Susan Wagner, Seniorfriendly.info

Whether by choice or necessity, you may be thinking of finding a part-time job that allows you to bring in some extra cash, learn new skills, and meet new people during retirement, while also adding some structure to your day and exercising your mind and body. Depending on whether you’d prefer to work from the comfort of your home or get out of the house for a few hours each day, many different types of part-time jobs are perfect for retired seniors, including shopping for companies like Shipt or Instacart, and driving for Uber or Lyft.

If You Want to Work from Home

If you’d like to work part-time in retirement but dread the thought of commuting to and from an office each day, working remotely could be the right post-retirement career move for you. Remote jobs are often available in customer service, writing, and editing, insurance sales, consulting, medical coding, social media, and pet sitting or dog walking. However, the types of jobs you’ll qualify for will depend on your skills and professional background.

Moreover, freelancing can be an excellent way to work remotely in retirement while bringing in some extra cash, enjoying a flexible schedule, and taking on as much or as little work as you want. Whether you’re looking to work within industries such as marketing, writing, sales, customer service, or accounting, or to work as a virtual assistant, landing a remote job has never been easier—especially if you use job boards like Upwork to look for freelance work. Since many job board websites have their own mobile apps as well, you can even use your smartphone device to streamline your post-retirement job search.

If You’d Prefer to Interact with Others

Working from home isn’t the right career move for everyone, especially if you’re looking to meet new people, socialize with others, and get out of the house on a regular basis. For some retired seniors, remote work could also be too stressful, isolating, or demanding at this stage in life. 

If you’re looking for a low-stress job that brings in some extra cash and gives you the opportunity to interact with others throughout the week, several great job opportunities may include the following:

  • Temping or working as a seasonal contractor
  • Working as a nanny, babysitter, or another type of childcare worker
  • Cashiering or greeting customers at a grocery store or clothing retailer
  • Driving for Uber or Lyft
  • Substitute teaching or teaching part-time at a college or university
  • Working in a call-center environment
  • Shopping and delivering for Shipt, Instacart, or DoorDash

Depending on your lifestyle, personality, skills, and interests, your ideal post-retirement job should allow you to do what you love most. There are work opportunities out there that can feed your passions for socializing with others, fixing things, helping others, interacting with strangers, writing content, or producing art—finding the one that’s right for you can bring in the extra cash you need and the personal benefits you want.

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