Words to the Wise

December 19, 2022

Reflecting on Your Best for a Brighter 2023 – December 19, 2022

“Keep positive thoughts flowing and positive actions will follow.”

That’s the way up from whatever might be keeping you down. Even though so much of what happens to us in life happens by chance, it’s only made possible by consistent effort.

“You get the luck you make.”

As easily as we can talk ourselves into accomplishing things greater than we imagined, we can talk ourselves out of tasks that are right in front of us. Staying curious, optimistic, and persistent are sometimes the exact qualities we need to take us from where we are to where we want to go.

“You never get better at anything by doing less of it.”

Taking time to reflect on our best moments, it’s important to remember the uncertainty and doubt that often came before those times—only to have serendipity and even planned happenstance intervene. Should you feel at a crossroads again, just the right amount of flexibility and risk-taking can jump-start your job search and re-energize your faith in yourself.

“If it’s meant to be, it will come to be.”

Start pushing buttons to grow your network, gain exposure within your field, and leverage your adaptability and resilience across the board. Think about your achievements over the last year in particular and the last few in general—and revise your resume accordingly—with every submission.

“When in doubt, leave it out.”

There’s always a certain amount of luck involved with landing the right job; but, more often than not, it comes in direct proportion to the amount of work that went into it. Even the most successful, sustainable careers are filled with ups, downs, and in-betweens.

Here are a few suggestions to reflect on before moving on:
  • The best way to get it is to give it away. Being part of the LinkedIn community is essential, but so is playing an active part in a local institution, former school, or even your present neighborhood. The connections are priceless.

  • Harness the value of your “side-hustle.” The pandemic proved that meeting in the office wasn’t the only way to make ends meet. Millions of people found their external outlets for creativity helped them tap into new income streams while getting through the hard parts.

  • Feeding the “feel-good” part of what you do. What makes you want to get up and out of bed? The need to do something meaningful makes your mission real and is often more important than the money. Stress comes from pulling yourself away from your core purpose.

  • Be the “hero” of your own story. When writing about yourself in resume form, it’s important that readers can associate that story with you and what you did in bringing it to life. The vibe is yours. It won’t appeal to every employer; but, with a little luck, it will appeal to the right one.

Making yourself somebody who radiates a positive frequency offers its own lessons in self-empowerment, in coping with hits to mental health, and in energizing your surroundings. Once others sense it, your chances of advancing in your current role or doing well in job interviews for your next one goes through the roof.

That’s a resume to reflect on.

RP will make it your best.

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